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The top 3 plants that flower in January for seasonal colour

Bring some colour to drab winter days with these hardy plants. Some strong survivors flower through January to brighten your mood – keep them near the door or patio so you can always see them from the house.

Wintersweet, or Chimonanthus praecox

Wintersweet is a woody evergreen or deciduous shrub with highly scented yellow flowers. The blooms are bowl-shaped and hang down from the branches. When the flowers fade they are replaced by long seed capsules or catkins.

This medium-sized shrub has dense growth and suits most positions. It needs well-draining soil and is fully hardy but the foliage may need shelter from cold winds in exposed, frosty areas.


This is sometimes called the Christmas or Lenten rose, because it flowers in winter and early spring. Helleborus is a perennial flowering plant that can be deciduous or semi-evergreen.

It produces large flowers with pointed petals that can be pure white or a pinkish colour. Helleborus is fully hardy and likes a spot with rich soil in dappled or full shade.

Rhododendron ‘Christmas Cheer’

This rhododendron is a dense, compact shrub with pointed evergreen leaves. It produces deep pink buds that open into masses of pale pink flowers that soon cover the plant.

It blooms in late winter and early spring, and the flowers are funnel-shaped with frilly petals. The plant is fully hardy and likes well-drained, neutral to acidic soil in full sun or partial shade. Keep watered during flowering as rhododendrons are shallow-rooted plants.